Santa Monica is one of the most famous beaches of Los Angeles, and is about a 25 km’s out of Los Angeles Down town. First we arrive to the third avenue which is close to the traffic, and has many stores, restaurants and café’s.

While touring on this street, you can see groups of dancers performing dance shows, magicians, clowns, painters and artists. Since the climate conditions are very favorable, the restaurants and café’s are flooding on to the streets, which adds another layer of color to the lively mood of the spot. After taking a small break in one of these café’s, we continue on our way.

I highly recommend walking through this long street. Due to the suitable climate conditions, the streets are always crowded, and the two sides of road consist of the ocean and a hill. Place gets filled up with tourists trying to get a nice shot of the setting sun.

The most famous area in Santa Monica is the Pier. It is famous with its wooden path filled with poles. The historical road of 66th ends here. You can find rollercoasters to ferry wheels here, we walk till the end of the deck to get a good whiff of the ocean smell.

To the east of Santa Monica, lies the Venice Beach, and to the north the Malibu Beach. Malibu Beach is a bit more luxurious, apparently this beach is also home to the house of Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears.

The reason why the beach was named Venice, is that, the lay out of the houses resembles the channels intervening with each other in Venice. Each house has its own dock to the channel and a canoe. The Venice beach is very lively as well with many souvenir shops, street artists, sand castles and fortune tellers. You can find a nice place in one of the café’s here and just enjoy the scenery and looking at the people passing by.

Then we head on to the Santa Barbara. The population of Santa Barbara is about 90.000 people.

Malibu Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Barbara are all marvelous looking coast areas. If you wish to visit these areas make sure you try one of the seafood restaurants and enjoy the sound of the ocean along with your delicious meal.



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