Scotland, Skye Island

We continue onward in our bus, witnessing many a great sceneries. We come across many waterfalls along the road, and the mountains are filled with grassy areas. There are certain parts filled with pine trees, apparently these trees are cut every 30 years and changed with new ones.

While heading to the Skye Island, first we get to the Sea Eagle village.  The wingspan of the Sea Eagle is around 2-4 meters.

Then we arrive to our location , the Skye Island. This is a fairly small and pleasant Island. We tour the Island and make sure to see every part. The natural beauty of the Island inspired many songs and poems. One of the most known songs related to the island is the Eilean a Cheo (The Misty Isle). There are many trails here for those who likes hiking. Cuilin Hills, Red Hills and the Blaven are the most prominent ones.

Another thing to mention is that they speak a different accent here.

We get to a fishing village on the island. We give a quick cofee break in the village, and start our return.

The asphalt roads surrounding the islands are very narrow. Only a single vehicle can fit at a time. What is interesting though is that, there are certain parts which two vehicles can fit at the road, when they see another car coming up the road, they steer to the side to let the incomers pass. We continued our journey after passing through a bridge that connects the island to the mainland.



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