A Settlement High Atop The Mountains

Kirtipur is an old town built atop the Hills in Nepal. What is great about this place is that people are still carrying on their old traditional lifestyles with traditional clothings.

It was a highly difficult task to take over a town that is located atop a higher ground. The English tried three times to capture this town. Even though they failed the first two times, they managed to do it on the last try.

If we take a closer look to the lifestyles of the dwellers here, we can clearly see that they are still continuing their old habits and way of life. For instance before a family eats, they take a small piece of each plate and put it a bowl outside of their house door. The aim here is to prevent the devil from coming inside the house. So all the bowls that are placed outside the front gates are offered to the devil. Don’t be suprised if you see so much food laying around the neighbourhood.

While continuing our tour, our tour guide stopped near a house and started to tell us about an old tradition. Apparently a plate made of leaves is prepared and the food inside is offered to the Devil to make sure he passes by the house and leaves the family inside at peace.

There is another red circle painted on the front doors of the houses. This symbol represents the universe and the mother nature. The food placed here is to invite the mother nature into the house.

The food they offer to the Devil and to the Mother nature are different from each other. Sometimes they decorate the food offered to the Nature with flower pedals.

The houses are very small and the balconies are made of wood. We head along the narrow streets in this nice town.

They also provide food to the statues of Ganesh, Garuda and such. The aim here is not to protect the statues from the Devil but to praise and thank them fort he food they provided.

At one part of the town, there is a great pond. It has seaweed in it and is filled with a blurred dirty water. The laundry is washed here it seems. The tourist guide says that they use a more clearer water before drying them but I don’t know if it is true or not.

While venturing through the narrow streets, the locals who see us with our cameras in hand,wave at us, smile and walk by to greet us. They are all happy, you can see it from their eyes.

Our guide keeps telling us about the religion in the town. “All the religions try to lead their followers to be better beings, but they never expect perfection. Making mistakes is unique to man and perfection is closer to the Devil.”



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