Siracusa, the City of Archimedes

Siracusa is a city that is close to Catania and has a 450.000 population.  We have seen the crescent shaped Greek theatre ruins first, left from Carthaginians from 480 AC.

At a lower level, we have seen the ruins of 15000 people capacity Roman Amphitheatre. The restoration work was still going on.

We went down to the Doume Cathedral, after we left the ceremony area. This cathedral was built on an Athena temple. It was used as a church, later a mosque and a church again. It was restored by Normans. Arabic architecture is dominant on the cathedral.

Siracusa is the city of Archimedes. Archimedes was born in Siracusa and was killed in here, while battling the Roman soldiers. He was a mathematician and a scientist but he was interested in physics and war engineering. A legend says that he burned down a Roman fleet, using mirrors.

The center of Siracusa is on the Ortigia Island. This island is seperated from the mainland of Siracusa with a little bridge. There are many fishing boats around this bridge.

Small, cute houses and narrow streets are attention taking in Siracusa. Spring of Arethusa and the Fountain of Artemis, the protector of her, are places you should see. The Arethusa fountain here resembles the Fountain of Love in Rome.

Later, we went to the beach, passing through the narrow streets. We ate our pizzas in a nice restaurant next to the sea. You can find many things, from souvenirs to special designed products, in the stores on the way to the shore.

Siracusa is pretty different than other Sicilian towns. It is a lot more clean and well groomed. It has pretty broad squares. It was mostly under the influence of Greek architecture and you can see it right away. Especially the main square is fascinating. The most important aspect of Siracusa is the white and beige colors, mainly used on structures. For example, in Catania, there are gray tones mostly dominant in the city because the structures are usually made out of volcanic stones. Here, lighter colors are dominant. Everywhere is shiny.

Especially at the nightfall, the sunlight falls on those buildings and make them a little red, which makes a great environment.

The cathedral in the square, is the most important meeting point of the city.

It is always crowded. The youngsters that are sitting on its stairs and having chitchats, make the square even more lively.

Siracusa, is a great place to run away, if you want a little peace in Sicily.



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