Smallest Continent and Biggest Island, Australia

Australia is often dubbed as the island continent and is considered the world’s largest island. It is surrounded by the Indian and the Pacific Oceans; its population is currently 20,555,300 people.

Australia is consisted of six states and its capital city is Canberra. It is one of the countries which placed in the first lines with its ,220 per capita income. Its currency is Australian dollar.

Many people think that the capital city is Sydney because it is the biggest city. But the actual capital is Canberra, which is located in Australian Capital Territory,  300 kms southernwest of Sydney and 650 kms northerneast of Melbourne. Australian Parlianment is also in this region.

Sydney is the most improved city in social and cultural aspects. The second biggest city is Melbourne. Melbourne, on the other hand, is the most improved city in the country in finance and banking sector.

Formal language is English. It is being governed by constitutional monarchy. Its official president is the Queen of England. Because the country divided into states, every state is being governed by a viceroy. They are liberal in internal affairs, but are subjected to the Queen in foreign affairs. In 1927, they gained their full independency fron England. England had invaded Australia in 1770 with Captain James Cook’s statements that his having mapped the east cost of Australi and declared the annexation of Australia to England territory.

The seasons are in the opposite way of ours for its being in South Hemisphere. It has a tropical and warm climate. December, January, February are summer months while June, July, August are winter months. Its average yearly temperature differentiates from south to north in between 13 and 27 degree centigrade.

It has been thinking that Australia has been existing for 3 million years. For at least 40,000 years before European settlement in the late 18th century, Australia was inhabited by indigenous Australians, who dated back to ancestors of Aborigines. The other inhabitants in the island are the indigenous people of Torres Strait. They are Malaysian-origin. Cultural habits of Torres Strait indigenouses and Aborigines are different from each other.

There are 4 different ethnic groups in Australia. They are European English, Ethiopian- Ugandans and Aborigines. But the number of Aborigines is about 10,000 people most.

The lowest point of the country is the Lake Eyre which is surrounded by Middle Australian Deserts and is 15-meter above sea level. The highest point is 2,228-meter high Mount Kosciuszko.

Coal, iron, copper, spelter, zinc, diamond and natural gas are some of its natural resources. Australia is the smallest continent, but the biggest island of the world.

When John Batman came to the island, Aborgines said him that if he gave them 500,000 decare land, they would give him food, clothing, blanket and alcohol. This deal had provided them to survive all these years and Aborgines had actually been assimilated. White man had all the land having been given to Aborgines after all.

Aborgines have more calmer nature on contrary to indigenous people of New Zealand, Maories who are aggressive and cannibal. That’s why there had been no need for English intervention.

After WW2, Australia had supported all the migration from Europe. In that period, especially a lot of Greek immigrants had been allowed in. Therefore, 160,000 people of its population is comprised of Greek people. There are also a good many of tourists here.

It is  not difficult to be a citizen of Australia. If you are a citizen of the EU country, you can have the citizenship right after having lived for 5 years in Australia.

But if you’re not a citizen of the EU country, you have to live in Australia for 15 years. This duration can only be shortened if you are working in high level sectors such as medical and informatics.

Its fauna and flora are quite rich. It is a green country. They love barbecue. There are also a lot of crustaceans in this country. Its wines are popular and they are being exported to almost all over the world.

Aborigines live on nature. According to the Aborigine philosophy “what goes around, comes around”. It is also called as boomerang philosophy. By the way, boomerang was discovered by Aborigines.

Englishmen had made Aborigines to work in hard conditions, made them to work with the criminals having been brought from Europe. These kinds of hardwork and various illnesses had a big role in decreasing population of Aborigines.

There are 10,000 people at most; but they are trying not to be assimilated. They usually get married with each other and keep their traditions.

Australians are paying a compensation of their actions on Aborigines.  



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