Sydney With Its Koalas – Part Two

Harbor area is fun, night and day. We ate corn while we were taking a tour here. They serve boiled corn with butter on it, and salt and pepper if you want. It was delicious. When we went inside the harbor area we came to an open air bazaar. It is very neat ant mostly local products are sold. We wanted to buy a tilled bag, saleslady asked which country we came from. When we said Turkey, she gave us the brochure of the bag in Turkish. A Turkish brochure and the approach of the saleslady in the other side of the world was really enjoyable.

In harbor area, we saw a few aboriginal people. They were making music next to a wall with their traditional instruments. Like Turkish kaval (pipe), but 1-1.5 meter long and with a 6-7cms diameter.

You see very few aborginals in Australia. Because white man drew them from the beach to the inner areas and took over the harbor. Aborginals are nowhere around having a fighting spirit. If they had, they would not let white man take over this area.

After that, we went to the zoo named Featherdale Koala Park with a 1.5 hour bus ride. We saw the wild animal Wombad, a really bigger version of koala. We caressed the koalas sitting on eucalyptus trees, eating leaves, sleeping, waking up and eating more leaves, sleeping again. They were very cute.

Koalas live for 9-12 years. We got our photos taken with Leny, the 6 year old koala, and fed him with leaves. Turns out, the menthol in the eucalyptus leaves makes koalas fall asleep.

And than we saw the little Australian penguins, than the kangaroos. Some of the kangaroos were carrying their cubs. They are very accustomed to humans.

We encounter an animal called Dingo that looks like a dog. It is only seen in this area today. Their species is endangered. In the old days, Aborginals were using dingos to protect themselves, but later they started eating them, causing their extinction.

Again in the zoo, we saw varieties of birds and parrots. A white parrot did an artistic show for us. It was hanging itself on the wires with its beak and welcoming us, saying “Hello” at the same time. He does this if we applause of course.

And than, indian porcupine, colorful birds that look like turkeys, different colored roosters, ostrichs and peacocks. Most of these animals are endemic.

There are 300 different aborginal ethnicities. They live in different places and use 125 different languages. They don’t have communication as they live as seperate clans.

After the zoo, we went to Blue Mountain with our bus. It is the biggest canyon on Australia. Called Cetumba Valley. We saw the three sister rockies there. There is an Aborginal legend about here. It is believed that the reason for these mountaints to be colored turquoise is because eucalyptus leaves scrapes the rocky texture and dyes it.

The highest elevator train of the world took us 250 meters down in the canyon. It is really steep down there. After we took photos, we went back up with the same train and went 500 meters deep with the telpher. The view was amazing. We saw mostly the forests full of eucalyptus trees and Cetumba waterfalls.

When we looked down from the telpher, we saw a coal mine. Back in the days, Aborigines had been worked here under very difficult conditions.

Then, we went back to the top by watching blue-green forest and waterfalls. We ate sea food and drank Australian wines at a restaurant of a hotel at the top to the delightful view.

After that, we got on the bus again and arrived our hotel through a 4-km tunnel which was opened on the day we were there: March 24, 2007.

The next day, we got on a panaromic train which was surrounding with glass and getting around on the city; then we headed to the airport.

SHOULD DO’S IN SYDNEY:Sky Tower, Harbour Bridge (the ones who are brave can take a nice walk on it), Sydney Opera House, Hyde Park and Rotanical Garden, Queen Victoria Market, Aquarium near the port, Pik Street, Market Street, The Port and an open bazaar in it, The Zoo and Blue Mountain.



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