Szentendre, With Its Marzipans

If you go as far as Budapest, you have to visit the Szentendre town. You can buy a guided tour from the city center of Budapest for 30-35 euros. The other alternative is to go by a train yourself.

Szentendre is a town than Greeks and Serbians constituted when they ran away from the expansion of Ottoman Empire towards the west. With its narrow and serpentine streets it resembles Mediterranean towns. The galleries opened by many artists that got inspired from the romantic atmosphere of town and settled here, can be seen.

If you want to try a local cookie-ish something from a bakery in the alleys, you have to commit for a 30 minute queue wait.

The most important museum is Marzipan museum here. Many kinds of statues made out of marzipan is shown here.Eating is not permitted of course. Don’t leave before you buy some marzipans and marzipan liquor.



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