Thimphu and The Hill of Lovers

We headed to the TV tower, also called the Hill of Lovers. They call this area Sanceygan hill. We were watching the city view of Thimphu while we were going up to the hill between colorful prayer flags.

This TV tower, is called BBS (Bhutan Broadcasting Service). There was no telecommunication here until 1973, but they started broadcasting radio after November 1973. But only one channel called Radio NYAB, only on Sundays.

Until 1999 TV broadcasting was forbidden. Bhutan was the only country that banned TV at that era. First TV broadcast was done on June 2 1999, on the 25th anniversary of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s taking over the throne. At first only the capital, Thimphu could get TV broadcast, but after 2006, the whole country was available for broadcasting. That is why this TV tower is really important for Bhutanese.

There are prayer flags everywhere. They prefer to hang them on bridges, passes and high places. To let the prayers flow through the universe easier, they prefer places with high air flow. These flags are 5 different colors. Blue is  water, white is earth, yellow is metal, red is fire and green is nature, in their symbolism.

On this high hill, the view of Thimphu is beautiful. The colorful prayer flags were going well together with the view. They call the flags that are lined up on ropes, “Windy Flags”.

We decided to walk down 200 – 300 meters to absorb the view into us. On the way down, at the right we have seen many miniature stups that are placed in the dents of rocks. Made out of clay, some of them were colored. They place the gyroscope shaped stups in dents on the rocks to make a wish.

At the left of the road, we have seen the white flags that have been set up one for every death. These flags are on 4-5 meters long bamboo canes, they are about 50 cm wide and 4-5 meters long. It looks like a white flag forest. Actually it is a kind of graveyard. To prevent the dead from drowning in Samsara ocean, and let the soul find Nirvana in peace, they have placed the flags. Samsara means earth in Sanskrit languages. But in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sihk religions, it is used as a term that defines reincarnation and rebirth. Because Samsara represents infinite death and life cicle, they place these flags to let the dead out of this circle to find the peace.

We have seen Pine Tree’s on the side of the road. The thin branches of these trees are cut and used as incenses. It has 2 kinds. Blue Pine Tree and Cherry Pine Tree. Cherry Pine tree is darker and has a sharper smell.

On the way down from Hill of Lovers, we have seen very beautiful houses that belonged to Government Personnel. They are all in a house complex. Right outside of the site,  there were shacks. You can see incompatibility in everywhere of the world…



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