Toronto and The Cn Tower

Toronto has a population of 2.503.820. With a nice voyage from Montreal via train that lasted 3.5-4 hours, we arrive to the Toronto station. The Station is a very pleasant building, with many columns. We get on to the busses waiting for us at the station, and be on our way to explore Toronto.

First we get to the St. Lawrance market. This is a food and beverage market that is being dispersed over a large area. The market , that is located inside a historical building has many kinds of seafood stalls in it. Giant crabs, different kinds of salmon fillets, alaskan cod’s, fish balls and tuna etc.

Toronto is also a very artistic city with many plays and musicals being performed every day of the week.

We swiftly visit the Parliament Building on the main square, and carry on with our journey. We tour the Casanova Mansion with it’s 98 rooms. Afterwards we get to the China Town. The Asian population is Toronto is incredibly high. The asian population consists mostly of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Kambochian and Japanese.

We head to the Rocers Centre afterwards, which has a roof that can be opened at closed when wanted. Sports such as baseball and american football are played in the Rocers center.

The 4th highest tower in the world, the CN Tower, is really close to the Rocer Centre. It’s height is about 553 meters. While entering this tower, we pass through a tunnel like room covered in glass layers, just like a space ship. There are footsteps on the ground that are alight. You stand on these footsteps and the glass door opens for you to get inside. After setting foot on a glass elevator, you continue upward. There is a small glass square on it’s floor, you can observe the environment through this small window like hole. The fact that the elevator was rather swift, gave us a bit of an adrenaline rush.

We go up to about 342 meters like this. The Panoramic level is on this floor. We observe the view of the city, and the numerous skyscrapers. On one leve of the building, the floor is completely made of glass. Walking on this floor gives you the feeling of levitating over people and houses. Looking down the elevator was a very unique experience for us as well.

Toronto museim is a gigantic and exhilerating museum. There are natural stones, totems and fragments depicting daily indian life being displayed inside.

Touring the areas where the clothings, tools and canoes of the Indians are being displayed are strongly recommended. It is also possible to see Dinasour bones and giant turtle skeletons.



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