Trabzon Uzungöl and Sürmene

One of the most developed city of Black Sea, Trabzon is located at the beginning of Caucasus and Iran transit road. The commercial activities are developed in the city as it has connection with the ports of other countries having a coast to Black Sea.With its 114-kilometer coastline,  history and natural beauties, Trabzon is a city that can be visited four seasons.

Of District, the only two-lettered district in the word, is located in Trabzon. At the same time Of is the district where a great majority of sect leaders are trained in Turkey.

We arrived Uzungöl, over the road of Of District. With a 1100 meters elevation from sea level, Uzungöl is a popular tourist attraction with its unique natural beauty. To take building under protection, Şerah village and the surroundings of Uzungöl were declared as Specially Protected Environmental Areas in 2004.

Uzungöl was formed by a landslide, transforming Haldizen Stream into a natural dam having a splendid view. 1.000 meters in length, 500 meters in width and 15 meters in depth, Uzungöl has two bridges to the north and south of Uzungöl. It maintains its dynamism almost every single day in a year due to its touristic values.

Karester, Veli, Büyükyayla, Şekersu, Tabanoz, Traşkapanı, Multat and Derindere are situated around Uzungöl.

There are cafès and restaurants around the lake. We sat at a restaurant facing the lake to taste salmon which is raised in private pools in Uzungöl. They serve salmon roasted in butter, which is quite delicious. About 400.000 tonnes of salmon fish are produced in a year in these special pools.

We walked around the lake, took some photos of beautiful nature and splendid view, and then headed for Sürmene.

We reached Zarha Mountain Resort which was located at the peak of Zarha Mountain in Sürmene. The resort cannot be reached via bus, thus we took the minibus. Tea and nut fields as well as smoke clouds at the mountain peak and sunset were composing a spectacular view.



Yazar Hakkında


1951 İstanbul doğumluyum. Yıl içinde dönüşümlü olarak Sinop, Bodrum ve İstanbul’da yaşamaktayım.Küçük yaşlarda babamın mesleği gereği, Türkiye’nin pek çok farklı şehirlerinde yaşadım.