A Tropical Paradise, Seychelles

The area called Seychelles is actually formed by an achipelago. We first edged in Mahe island with our ship named Costa Romantica. Capital of Mahe, Victoria, is the capital of Seychelles at the same time. It is also the smallest capital of the world.

There are 3 very important islands in Seychelles. These are; Mahe, La Digue and Praslin. Praslin is in the world heritages list. The other known name for it is the Palm Island.

Seychelles was invaded by Portuguese in 1505, and by French in 1768. But the French Invasion did not take too long and the island was in control of the British in 1794.  And it was given to them with the Paris Concordat in 1814. After 160 years, they declared their independency in 1976 and  promulgated their own constitutional law in 1974.

It is ruled by a single party regime. But the important thing is, there are 2 countries with 10% treshold in the world, one of the is Turkey, and the other one is Seychelles…

Seychelles has an area of 451 km2 with its 155 islands. The population of the country is 80.000.

The highest point in these rhyolite mountains, is 900 meters.

Rice slop, fish, ginger and spice dominated Kreol cuisine is also very popular here, just like in Mauritus.

Kreols are a cross race with French, Spanish, Asian and African origins. Streets are full of Jennifer Lopez look-alikes. It is a beautiful race.

Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and Hindus live together in peace here.

Even though the government supports the education as much as it can, literacy rate is 60%. This is why mandatory education was taken up to 9 years.

They live in colonial style. Their main income is from tourism, then agriculture. Bananas, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, coconuts, vanilla, dried coconut and bananas, turtle shells, shark fin and soap are the products they export.

Here, the sun rises at 6 and sets at 6, everyday of the year. The night and the day are equal, everyday of the year.

Marriage rage is really low in Seychelles. They prefer living together. This is why illegitimate children are very welcomed here. Even if they marry, they do it after 40.

The island is incredibly clean. They love having fun, there is a music coming out of every corner. Sega dances are really popular here too, just like in Mauritus.

The first day we went to La Digue and Praslin islands. The sea was pretty rough that day but we passed it with catamaranes.

UNFORGETTABLES OF SEYCHELLES:Endemic plants, giant turtles, granite rocks, rainforests, guava, cinnamon, vanilla trees and especially coco dmel tree, the only common ground with Turkey being the 10% treshold in elections.

MAHE: The rainforests in Victoria, the palm trees that rise up in the middle of the sea.
LA DIGUE: Giant Turtles, giant granite rocks, pearl white beach and turquoise sea.PRASLIN : Paradise island. Great sea, coconut trees that lay from the beach to sea. Coco dmel trees (male and female), vanilla trees.



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