Vienna With Mozart and Gustav Klimt

We flew from Vienna to Istanbul in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Our time difference was only an hour. When the plane landed at about 9 o’clock, I woke up. Yes, we were in Vienna.

There were many options to get the city center. The most preferable ones are the trains called CAT. It costed 10 Euro and the trip lasted about 15 minutes. If you are planning to stay in Vienna, it is more logical to get Vienna Card. Because with this card, it is free to wander around city for three days. Only at first, you pay about 12 Euro. And there was discounts almost everywhere especially in museums. You can get this card from tourist offices or hotels.

You can get on S7 and S8 trains as an option for CAT trains. These costed about 3 Euro and they went to the same station as CAT trains. It was just a little bit slower than them.

We went to the city centre by taxi because we were four. As we got closer to the centre, I saw bicycle roads and the people going to work on bicycles. There was about 100kms bicycle road.

People were walking, listening music by enjoying the city. They were far away from the disturbance and chaos.

Our hotel was located on Graben Street, Pension Perschky. It was 20-room hotel or a kind of guesthouse. It was in a yard. The rooms and bathrooms were wide. All the walls were covered with wallpaper. Paintings, mirrors, apliques, wingback chairs, they were all well-cared.This hotel was a little expensive because of its location. Room price for one night stand was 140 Euro.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. Even if there had found the evidence from 5000 years ago, the offical  registration of Vienna started in 881. It is the smallest city with its 414 km2 area of Australia which has 80,000km2 land. But when it comes to the population Vienna is the most  crowded city with its 1,8 billion people. Austria’s population is 8,6 billion people. Ski tourism was developed here because of the mountainous land in Northern parts.

First we started our trip from Graben Street. There were the most elegant and expensive restaurants and cafes of the city. There was a beautiful statue in Graben square. It’s called Plague Column. The ones who died in the Plague of 1697 had been buried here. That’s why they had built a statue for memorial. This average street crosses with Kartner Street. There were cafes in the middle of Kartner Street. Both streets were close to traffic. When we were there, there were infrastructure work on Kartner Street. That’s why sometimes the sounds of the electrical sledge hammers and of the musicians were jumbled.

There was a very old tree log surrounded by glass on the corner of Kartner and Graben Streets. When you look up your head from right at this points, you will see Stephansdom Cathedral which is considered as the heart of Vienna. This square was always busy. There were carriages everywhere. But we saw a contrast in the city. All people with dogs were walking with their nylon bags in their hands, because the fines were very high. But nobody says anything to the horses. Even if the carriages were always cleaned, it wasn’t said to be clean enough. Except this area, the city was generally clean.

Stephansdom Cathedral had been built in 1137. It is the most important building of Austria Gothic Art. It had been built three times until it has got the present shape. When it was first built, it was 83 meters high. But after the fire in period of Heinrich Jasomirgott, it had been lengthen. It had also been built with the Roman style. After 50 years, it had been converted into its present gothic style. This convertion lasted 150 years. Southern tower of the cathedral was 136 meters and you can go up with 343 steps. The northern tower, on the other hand,  has become a victim of the Refom Movement and couldn’t been completed.

The other attraction for this cathedral were graves… Just some of the graves in the cathedral were open to visit. They called these “Catacomb”. Actually catacomb means the passages built by the Christians. The other name for these is underground tunnels and these tunnels were like labyrinths. They hang the grave stones to understand which grave belongs to whom. Back in the days,  they held religious rituals in the tunnel rooms.  Archbishop of Vienne was also buried here. You should see this cathedral especially at night when it was lightened.

The other important point was the bell of the Cathedral. Its total weight was 16 tones and they had made it from the cannonballs from Ottomans.

The cathedral has become the symbol of the city and like its inside part, outside was fascinating. There were young people dressed like Mozart and Haydn and trying to sell concert tickets to you. The Dukes, Barons and Baronnesses in fluffy dresses were waiting for you to take pictures. The price of a one-hour trip with coaches was about 50-55 Euro. I think there is no need for that. Because the walk on the coach road already lasts about an hour.



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