The Waterfalls of Aqua Azul

The distance between San Cristobal and Palenque is 230 km’s. From San cristobal to Aqua Azul is 170 km. After leaving San Cristobal we drop by the Aqua Azul falls on the way.

Just like at the entrance of the Juan Chamula Village, they have tied up a road betwen two trees on the road and locals with sheep hides on them ask for 5 dollars per person for entrance.

The most prominent feature of the Aqua Azure falls is that it has numerous frogs living in it, and the falls changing colors according to the time of the day. The falls consists of many different small heighted cliffs.

Those who wish can go into the waters for a swim. We didn’t dare to do so due to the number of frogs inside. Although the falls were highly crowded. Our opinion is that it act’s as a place of recreation for the locals.

We went up the hill, walking near the fountain. At one side was the chain of the falls, and at the other the colorful mexican stalls. These stalls sell very nice exotic fruits.

While walking on this road, we observe people who are picking out their fleas. Mexico is a very colorful and vivid place at it’s every corner.

At a corner near the falls, we enjoy our grilled fish, taco’s and cold mexican beers “Corona”, before going into the bus again.



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