World's Longest Underground Cave Postojna

Postojna cave located to the direction of Ljubljana-Koper, was discovered in the 13th century and has a length of 21,5 km’s making it the world’ longest cave. Thus it is under protection by UNESCO.

Another important feature of the cave is that electricity arrived here before it did to the capital. This area is about 35 km’s away from Trieste and 60 km’s away from Ljubljana. Just near this cave is the Predjama Castle carved on the rocks.

The entrance to the Postojna Cave is rather expensive. Although the journey inside will take about 90 minutes on a trolley like vehicle. The temperature inside the cave is about 8-10 degrees so you can rent a cloak like clothing at the entrance. I strongly reccomend doing so, don’t shrug it off, it can get really freezing inside and 90 minutes is not that much of a small amount of time.

At a certain point in the cave everyone disembarks from the vehicle and follows 3 different tourist guides; the english speaking one, the german speaking one and the french speaking one. We followed the one that spoke english and started our journey through the stalactites and stalagmites. The length of the cave as I have mentioned is 21,5 km’s and it is truly an epic voyage. You can also observe the light colored snake like creature that only dwells inside this cave. The name of the animal , as the Slovenians gave it is the çloveşka ribica (Human Fish).

The Predyamski Castle built just atop the entrance of the cave, was never sieged due to it’s location. Traditionally Chivalry Games are held every summer on the castle grounds.

The Postojna Cave gave it’s name to the nearby town as well and the population of the Postojna Town is 14.000. Although my opinion is that the touristic value of the area will rise substantially.



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