Top 5 Vintage Boutıques in Berlın

Berlin is definitely shopper’s paradise! You can find any luxury item you like at fashionable KaDeWe and you can also channel your inner bargain chic in stores like TK MAXX, Primark. But for me, what makes shopping in Berlin so special is vintage boutiques due to city’s rich history.

Here are my Top 5 Vintage Boutiques in Berlin selection :)

Das Neue Schwarz

Das Neue Schwarz is much different than your average vintage store. Forget about scattered, bad smelly vintage stores. Das Neue Schwarz is more of a upscale – spacious and clean second hand store. Its collection of vintage designer pieces and newly vintage clothing and acccesories not only catch attention of cool Berliners but also mecca of stylists and agencies. Many of the clothing is in very good condition and very stylish… which means it tends to sell out very quickly.If you don’t have opportunity to visit this gorgeous store in Berlin, they also have a online store which ships worldwide.
Calypso Vintage Shoes

Who can resist retro footwear? I know I cant :) So Calypso Vintage Shoes was like heaven for me. Here you can find iconic shoes of any time(from 1930s to 2000s) Sadly they don’t have every size for the shoes but it worth trying your luck out.
Made in Berlin

Made in Berlin is chain shop of Kleidermarkt, which currently has 3 stores in Berlin. I don’t know about the other shops of Kleaidermarkt but made in Berlin was one of the vintage shops which has pretty calm shopping environment. Everything was pretty good organized and every trend had its own rack. I must say I fell in love with their selection of denim jackets. But the real treasure was at downstairs; because there you can see divine shoe and purse selection.


3 words; bargain, bargain, bargain. This chain second hand shop offers the best prices you can ever find in Berlin. Its true that their stores are very big and not much organized, but if you can manage to find something that suits your taste, be sure that you will pay the best price. So be prepared to spend some long time in giant Humana stores but its guaranteed that your wallet will not be emptied out in the end :)
 XVII Store

If you are aiming for high quality, this is the right place for you. They have the policy of selling once loved and highly valued vintage clothing. So here you cant find cluttered old clothes that are in very bad condition. Their selection of clothing is like clothing history exhibition of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It is like a museum for clothing from all over Europe. Plus most of the stuff is hardly been worn. Even though, you are not planning to buy anything, I highly recommend visiting this store and just have fun with the beautiful clothing.