The therapeutic thermal spring on the Arabat arrow was explored by accident at the end of the 60s during the drilling search operation for oil and gas. The first thermal spring (temperature 42-45°С) is located 10 km. far from the town of Henichesk, nowadays there is located a balneary «The Arabat Arrow», which was built in the 80s.

In 1987 there was explored the second thermal spring about the village of Shchaslyvtseve, it has the same mineral composition (temperature 82-85°С). According to the UkrainianResearchInstituteofMedicalRehabilitationandBalneologyofMinistryofHealthofUkraine, the thermal springs contain the iodine, bromine and silicic acids in the high concentration.

The indications for the clinical usage of the thermal springs are comprehensive. These are the heart diseases, central nervous system diseases, locomotor apparatus diseases, gynecological disorders, endocrine and metabolic diseases.

Good results are reached during the treatment of the skin conditions, even psoriasis. The presence in the water of the thermal springs of bromine compounds in high concentration gives the good effect during the treatment of the vegetovascular dystonia, asthenic and neurosis-like syndrome.

The most valuable mineral stock is the brine of the Syvash Lake. The unique character of the spring for the medical and cosmetic industries is also comprehensive.

There are only 4 springs in the world, that are similar in the formation (evaporation) and mineral composition. These are the Great Salt Lake (the USA), the Dead Sea (Israel), the Kara-Bogaz-Gol (Turkmenistan) and our Syvash. Every year over 12 mln tons of water from the Azov Sea get into the lake and evaporate, enriching the brine of this unique lake with salt, compounds of bromine, sodium, magnesium and other valuable components.

The brine (the salt water) of the Syvash Lake is colored in pink because of the microalgae Dunaliella Salina.

The microalgae Dunaliella Salina is a plant body, which lives only in a salt water. Dunaliella Salina is famous for its antioxidant characteristics, because it contains over 30 carotinoids.

Not every organism can survive in the water with the big salt content and extreme environmental conditions (solar irradiation, heat, nutrient lack). They produce a big amount of carotinoids to survive.

The biggest concentration in the therapeutic water is of β-carotene (beta-carotene).

β-carotene is a product of a vitamin A and it is also called just a carotene. Despite of the vitamin A, beta-carotene is not toxic even in the highest dose strength, aside from its source (product or additive), because in the organism a vitamin A is producing from the beta-carotene only if it is necessary.

The main functions of beta-carotene:Anti-oxidant and the excitor of the immune system. Bothe vitamin A and beta-carotene play big role in formation of the epithelial tissue, that contains in the skin, glands, mucous membrane, they cover organs of breathing passage, digestive and urogenital tract.

Health properties:Can prevent the emergence of following types of cancer: breast, skin, cervical, lung, colon and bladder cancer. Provide some protection from heart diseases, atherosclerosis and paralysis.

Beta-carotene promotes the functions of the skin to stand up against free radicals and makes the skin more resistant to excitation. Aldo beta-carotene influence on the skin pigmentation and the process of sun-tan.

The brine was created for thousands of years. The pink water, if it is in contact with the therapeutic brine, activate (revive) them. Therapeutic brine has a high penetration power, its elements absorb into the blood stream through skin. The mechanism of its action is unique, but not studied enough now. The brine is pluripotential, it activates all the necessary organs in human’s body, recovers the balance of the internal environment. Also the brine has a rejuvenating effect, that is connected with the influence of the pink water The slowing of the ageing is seen, the structure of cells is improving. This differs the brine from other cosmetic rejuvenators.

Besides the actual therapeutic purpose, the Arabat Arrow is unique for the development of the ecotourism. The very fact, that the Arabat Arrow is a pristine nature area, holds promises for the future.

The health properties of the peloids and brine of the Soliane lake was noted by our ancestors from the Middle Ages, there the Cossacks gave treatments to the wounds, and also there is located the oldest in Ukraine balneary «Sanatoriy Hopry», that is working since 1889.

The sulfide and slush peloid, as well as chloride and sodium brine are the main factors of the resort. Because of the high concentration of chlorides, also carbonates and hydrocarbonates in the brine, the lake is salt and alkalic. It has no analogues on the European continent.

The investigations confirm the high concentration of the compounds of bromine and iodine, alkali compounds and the rare element boracium. The specific of the therapeutic slush is in the presence of carotin, hormone-like, follicle-like, penicillin-like compounds.

The locomotor system diseases, nervous disorder, inveterate phlogistic gynecological disorders, female sterility, chronic prostatitis and other diseases are subject to be treated with the help of this factor.

The usage of the natural resourced of Kherson oblast is not only worthwhile, but also very necessary.

The region is unique because of its climatic, landscape and water resources, where the powerful institutions of sanatorium-resort format are located. They have the years-long experience in using of natural and preformed factors for treatment of ailments and in health improvement.

The very landscape and water factors  create the infinite possibilities in realization of rehabilitation and recovery technics, using graduated exercises for people with the wide range of diseases, from noninfectious diseases of disabled patients to almost healthy people, who want to extend their functional reserves (up to extreme sport and tourism).