About Us

Gezimanya.com is an independent, full-featured travel portal.

• Mission:
– Encourage people –especially young generation – to travel and explore the world
– Get travellers together on one platform and help them share their experiences
– Fill in the need for Turkish language online travel-related content

• Scope:
– Detailed information on travel destinations, photos, travel notes, introductory videos, interviews with travelers, discussion on travelling, educational trivia, handy documents for travel, latest news on travel industry and worldwide destinations and announcements of activities & events.

• Richest Turkish-language travel content online:
– Detailed information on 1850 domestic and worldwide travel destinations
– Over 6000 travel notes in both Turkish and English
– Thousands of photos, videos and travel info files
– 17.820 subscribers 

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For more information please send us an e-mail: [email protected]