Sveti Stefan at Sunset

It was really enjoyable to watch the Dalmatian shore on our way to Sveti Stefan. On the one side there is sea, the other side, the forest and well-kept roads.

We arrived at Sveti Stefan towards evening, when the sun was about to set.

The only connection of this place built on an isle to the land is a filled up 250 meters long road. This building is inside a national park and was bought by a special purpose entity and turned to a hotel. The modifications were going on when we were there. But because it is under the control of EU, the modifications are also paid by EU. We could not get in because of the work going on. Both sides of the road that connects the isle to the land is used as beaches.

At the sunset, Sveti Stefan grants an amazing view. Inside the park, at the back of the beach managements, next to the sea, there is a small cafe. It is certain that they are trying to make the place livelier, and it will soon be a place that is visited a lot.