Vienna Mayerling Disaster

If you are wondering about the points of interest around Vienna, the city of Mayerling, which the Mayerling disaster took place, is only an hour away from Vienna. The Mayerling Disaster is an substantial event that not only changed the course of a country, but also lead to the end of an empire. Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth’s only son Prince Rudolph’s death is this unfortunate occurance. On 30th of January 1889, the prince was found dead in his bed room, shot along with Mary Vetsera. Whether this was a murder or a suicide is still unknown. Prince used to visit this area due to his enthusiasm in hunting. Thus prince bought a mansion here, and tranforms it into a hunting lodge. His death also occurs here. Later this structure was converted into a Monastery by the Carmelite sisters. Due to the strict rules of Carmelite’s, these sisters cannot be seen by anyone , and can never ever leave their monastery. You should try to see the “Mayerling Disaster” in it’s forms of theatre, opera or ballet performances.

Another important location is the Seegrotte cave. The Nazi’s in the 2nd World War, secretly built Fighter Planes here. It is also the largest golden lake of Europe.



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