The Birth Place of Opera, Vienna

Vienna is the motherland of Opera. At the start of the Kartner Avenue, you can find it’s largest Opera Building. Interior is extremely beautiful in terms of architecture and acoustic. The Opera Building is on vacation during the summer, but the concerts are still held on June and September. However in order to get a ticket, you have to get reservations 6 months prior. There is also the end of the year ball, held in the last Thursday of the year, in which the Aristocratic class congregrates. Of course it is not really possible to enter as a tourist. If you visit the building in the summer , you can tour the interior for a certain fee, although it is hardly the experience of an Opera show. The building was opened in 1869 with the genius of music, Mozart’s Don Juan. Renovated after the damages it took during the Second World war, the building hosted many famous performers such as Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Wilhelm Furtwangler, Karl Böhm und Herbert von Karajan.

There are different Opera buildings along with this one. For instance one of them is the Stephansdome which is just across the Karlskirchen. In the evening we went to see an opera in a structure that was converted from a small palace.

It is forbidden to record the concert with a camera. There was a cocktail on the terrace after the performance. More like a stand that you can get your drinks from, and enjoy the view along with the other guests.



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