Lake Bled, A Secret Paradise

A paradise just 50-60 km away from Ljubljana…

Lake bled is located in the Triglav national park, just near the Alpine mountains. It has entertainment areas, congress halls, golf courts, cliff parachuting zones, kayak pis, so a perfect touristic spot in short.

You can tour around inside the lake with a boat, or visit the church. Although we couldn’t visit the small island at the middle of the lake, due to being short on time. The church on the Bled Island has 99 stairs at it’s entrance. The groom carries the bride up the stairs, to bring luck to the newly wed couples.

So since we couldn’t visit the island, we decided to tour the Castle Bled instead. The view of the lake and the small island from the castle is extraordinary.

It takes about 40-45 minutes to tour around the lake itself. On this path, there are also cycling and walkway options that you can take. The ducks and the swans in the lake add to the pleasantness of the lake. We even hand fed the swans.

We dined at a very stylish restaurant with the view of the lake and the island. The snowy mountains, small islands and churches along with the reflection of the clouds and the trees on the lake make up for a great trinity. The delicious garlic soup and the boiled calamari was incredible. You can visit the lake Bled countless times. It is a must see if you decide to come to Slovenia.



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