Madagascar Nosy Be

Our first landing in Madagascar was on Nosy Be island, the northest of the Madagascar. We had anchored on open sea because the harbor was not available. We got to the land with boats. Many long, narrow cockleboats took our attention on sea. They are so narrow, almost like a canoe, that two people can never sit side by side. There are bamboo supports on sides of them to prevent from flopping. When we were getting closer with a motorboat, people came by with those boats and tried to sell us things. It is obvious that people live in really harsh situations here.

There are differenk kinds of textures on girls faces.

We took a minibus from Nosy Be. Went to see the Ylang ylang trees. It is really interesting, they look like snakes and they are used in perfume making. After the trees, we went to see the perfume factory.

The road is really narrow and stabilized. The houses next to sea are very similar to the ones that are next to river in Cambodia in terms of primitivity. We went to the island bazaar. Crabs, shrimps, baby fish, all of them are covered in insects. We have seen iguanas on the way.

After that, we went to a volcanic lake. The local guide said there is a monster in this lake. That is shows up for 1 or 2 minutes and disappears again. They did not know where did it come from. Many people only come for seeing this monster. I don’t know if it is true but it looks like a touristic lie to me.

Then we went to beach, to swim in the sea. It is a real racket there. Youngsters were making music on the sand, they singed and danced at the same time. There are many street hawkers on the beach. They sell tablecloths, straw bags, pareos, souvenirs.

When we were there, the sea was really ebbed. That is when we saw the lemurs and iguanas. Because of the tropical climate, it rained cats and dogs suddenly. And it stopped and the sun took over, right away. Everywhere is lushy green.

When we were going back to the ship, we stopped by a village. Here we saw the Banyan tree. Its branches make roots. The trunk of the banyan tree here was so big, it was spread on a real big area, and it was under the protection of Unesco.



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