The next day, dancing girls welcomed us in Tamatave harbor. One of them had a bottle full of water and spoons on it, on her head. Poverty is off the charts here.

They sell the meat open, everything attracts insects. The local guide said there were crocodiles in the river when we were passing it.

In order make asphalt roads, women and children break the rocks with their hands. Houses are in hut forms and very primal. There are so many children around. In front of every hut, there is a pile of stones. Kids all sit in front of their houses and break the stones to make a little bit of money. Their school is also very primeval. It has one classroom for 3 classes. Misery, misery, misery…

We went to park Zoologique Ivolonia from there. It is very beautiful.We have seen black-white lemurs and island turtles that are called Diata, which have bulging black shells with creme color on the middle of them.

Lemurs are completely in their natural habitat. The blue eyed ones are the dangerous type. The aye aye squirrels really got low in population. The lemurs here usually stroll around on top of the trees. Their careworkers use the primitive lift they made to get on the trees.

TAMATAVE BAZAAR AND THE UNFORGETTABLES:Many souvenirs made out of seashells and wood, women that became mothers in really early ages, the child mothers lactating their children in bazaar.



Yazar Hakkında


1951 İstanbul doğumluyum. Yıl içinde dönüşümlü olarak Sinop, Bodrum ve İstanbul’da yaşamaktayım.Küçük yaşlarda babamın mesleği gereği, Türkiye’nin pek çok farklı şehirlerinde yaşadım.