Vancouver With It's Glass Skyscrapers

It is possible to get to Vancouver with a 4,5 hour flight from Toronto. It takes about 10 hours to get to Vancouver from Turkey.

Vancouver, located on Canada’s British Colombia, is also the third largest metropolis of west Canada.

60% of the cosmopolitan city Vancouver’s population is of Asian origin. Thus all the signs are in English, French and Chinese.

The construction industry here is run by the Engineeres and architects from Hong Kong. Vancouver is a rather new settlement. We cannot really see very historical buildings in the city. The oldest structures goes back to 1880’s. In 1872 Captain Vancouver arrived here. In that time Granville used to be a fisherman village. In 1886 it gained city status, and gained the name of English captain George Vancouver’s name. After the opening of the Panama channel it gained a trade status, and started exporting grains and timber.

After Holywood and New York, it is the 3.rd largest film production center in North America. Shooting of the series Twilight are conducted here.

The city hosted the 2010 winter olympics, 2006 World Cityship Forum, and the 2007 Fifa World Championship for athlethes under 20.

It is the third city after Geneva and Zurich in terms of quality of life.

When the Bering gulf froze, the immigrants from Middle East and Siberia settled here. Then they moved down to south. Thus Aztec’s and Inca’s are thought to be from middle east.

When we get to Vancouver, we see the Granville Island and it’s bridge. There is a very large port here. All the skyscraper’s are made of glass. Later we head to the Stanly Park. The park built on a 1000 hectare area, has 657 totems in it. We walk to the shoreline from the park and see the seals and the ducks swimming in the sea. Those who wish can ride the sea planes and see the city with a bird’s eye view. The locals are feeding the racoons, sunbathing at the English Beach and swimming. The 17 laughing man statues on one side of the park is worth seeing.

Afterwards we go down to the port at the Granville avenue. This avenue is closed to the traffic. On this avenue with a green carpet placed on the floor, you can see many different evens and artists performing their shows.

Then we tour around the Robson avenue. We inspect the steam clock that rings every hour and visit the station building. Afterwards, we decide to catch our break in a cafe and sip our cofee’s while leaving ourselves to the serenity of the city.



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