Krakow Old City Area and Wavel Palace

While touring through the Old City we came across an ancient church, built in 1098. Pay attention to it’s stairs, they are extremely narrow and the steps are rather high. Those with knee problems can skip this spot.

And of course the Wavel Palace... it overlooks the city but not very far from the old city, walking distance or so. Not a very luxurious palace, very plainly decorated. It doesnt really shout “I am a palace!, I am a palace!” when you look at it. It has Gothic, Baroque and romanesque architectural features. The cathedral inside the structure is deemed as the national shrine of Poland. At it’s time 3000 people used to live here. All the thronement ceremonies of kings were held here. The tomb of Casimir the 3rd is also located here.

When Krakow was the Capital city of Poland (1100-1700) the importance of this palace was obviously a lot more extreme. You can go down to a cave from the side that overlooks the Vistula river.

This place is called the “Dragon Cave”. According to an old story, a dragon used to live in the caves under the castle, and this dragon would keep destroying the city, killing the local folk and their animals. The people living in the city agreed on bringing a young girl to her every month provided that the beast would leave them alone. The Dragon agreed. The only girl that was left in the city was the King’s daughter, so the King decided to let her daughter marry whoever slays the dragon. Many young and old men who heard of this prize gave up their lives trying to slay the dragon. A master shoe maker by the name of Dratewka gave the dragon the skin of a goat filled with sulphure inside. The dragon ate the goat, and became thirsty, then he proceeded to drink half of the Vistula river. His stomach couldnt handle so much water, and bursted out, and Dratewka married the daughter of the King and hapilly lived ever after. The Dragon whose stomach bursted out became the symbol of Krakow. It even has a statue here.... “TheWavel Dragon”



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