Doha Old City Area

The old city area is also known as the Souq ( Arabic Bazaar-Market). It is completely constructed from a stone based architecture,which creates a natural air conditioning atmosphere. As a general view it is plain and white. All the buildings are compatible with each other. The most popular bazaar here is the Al Waqif Souk. Spices, local clothing,souvenirs whatever you want. On the open air part, you can find any cuisine from Iranian to Mexican,with great looking restraurants. The price range for the said restaurants vary greatly,but generally it is still cheaper than Istanbul. We ate at an Iranian restaurant. Well the correct form would be to “stuffed our faces” with humus to ,pit roasted lamb to kebab and desert. We paid 60 liras for only 2. The porsions are very large by the way. The employee’s were very debonair and attendant. My husband’s designation about the subject: “The country where the workers are merrier than the locals”.

There is always an activity going on,in this street. They’ve set up a stand to one side, with a concert going on on the other, and the locals hailing a few pandomime artists,performing on giant wooden legs,along with taking pictures with their mobile phones.

There are many art galleries throughout the street, I highly recommend visiting a few.



Yazar Hakkında


 Yaklaşık 15 sene Medya satın alma ve Planlama sektöründe çok uluslu şirketler ile çalıştıktan sonra kendi tutkusu olan gezi ve seyahate yönelerek’u kurmuştur.1997 - 1999 İstanbul Üni