Petra, Hidden Treasure

It is about 3 and a half hours between Amman and Petra. The road is straight, no turns at all. Desert on the right side, desert on the left side. We encountered a few small settlements but thats all.

We were going to stay at the Petra Inn Hotel, right at the back of Mövenpick hotel in Petra. 55 euros for night. Not very luxirious but clean. It took us until the night to settle in.

There are a maximum of 8-10 alternatives for food. And all of them are on the same line next to each other. They are not very clean but will do.

The other alternative is the open buffet dinner in Mövenpick Hotel. 26 euros for one person. Very affordable and the inside of the hotel is very classy. The food is also delicious.

And there is the Cafe Cafe next to the entrance of Petra. It also serves food. We went for a shisha and a tea after the dinner. There is also a new hotel made here, right next to the entrance of Petra.

After the breakfast we had in the hotel the next morning, we went to take our tickets from the Petra gate. It is 73.5 dollars per head for the entry of Petra, but it is worth every penny.

The antique city of Petra is one of the most impressive and spectacular heritages of the world, left today. It is called the 8th wonder of the world. And to me, it is the most important place to see in the Middle East.

The entry of Petra is a kilometer long, narrow hole. Even the entrance is magnificent. It is forbidden to get in with a vechile. But you can use a camel or a buggy. We chose to walk to enjoy it. Even here, there were patterns on the wall. The camel caravan was the best one in my opinion.

You can rent a horse and have a stroll around the canyon, but not inside.

After walking for a kilometer inside the hole, the Treasury Building stands before us with all its majesty. Really breathtaking. It is forbidden to get inside here.

Right across, there is a Turkish coffehouse inside a bedouin tent. We drank Turkish coffee there, but the taste was different, it had a distinctive aroma but was delicious.

We watched the environment while we were catching our breath. People from every nation are here, from Spanish to Korean.

Petra, which Nabatis created by carving the sandstone 2000 years ago, is a great mixture of architecture and nature. They almost knitted the rocks. After a little break, we kept walking. The settlement area is very large. Palace, court of justice, parliament building, houses of the folk. The royal palace and the court of justice are facing to the houses to keep them remembering that they should not commit any crime.

After a little more walk, we encountered the amphitheatre and the columned street. This area is also known as the area where the prophet Salih lived.

There are little bedouin tents inside the antique city and they sell souvenirs inside. Right after we got out of the royal palace, a young guy came to us holding something and yelling “one dinar, one dinar.” When I said “No,no” he bursted out a big laugh. A tourist around 20 years old. They came here as three guy friends. Tricked us and had a laugh. We also laughed a lot. When we told them we came from Turkey, he said “Tesekkur” and made us smile again. He had probably been to Turkey.

Petra is a must see place. Feet are the main vechile here. But you can see some local people yelling “taxi,taxi”. Well it is forbidden to use any vechile with and engine here, so the taxis are donkeys. They can even climb upstairs. We went back to entrance on feet again. At nights, the canyon is lightened up. It really is beautiful. When I had came to Petra 5-6 years ago, the lights were candles put in paper bags filled with sand. The last time I have been there, the technology stepped in and regular electricity system was used in lighting.

You have to sort at least 6 hours to see Petra, if you want to see it for real.



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