London: Big Ben, Hyde Park, Nothing Hill

The Big Ben clock tower, which has become the landmark of London, is 106 meters tall. The name of Big Ben –built in 1840-1867- comes from its bell, which weighs 13 tons.

When we arrived at the world famous Hyde Park of London, we have seen cops with their well-groomed and really big horses around the park. Uniforms of cops and horses are very beautiful.

The Hydepark, which was built on 350.000 metersquares of land, was a part of Westminister Palace before. It had opened to public in 17th century. You can find artificial lakes and the ducks swimming in them in the park. Lots of squirrels in the park, they are everywhere.

There are no cats in the street of England, although they can be fed in homes.

There is a waterfall in the Hyde park, built in the memory of Lady Diana. Again in the park, there is Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall, and Speakers corner. Speakers cornes is a place where people meet to speak freely and discuss anything.

After the Hyde Park, we went to Oxford and Ragent shopping boulevards. There are many elegant cafés, restaurants and shops on these streets.

Another place to see in London, is the National History Museum. Huge galleries about earth ecology, bugs, mammals are present. The giant dinosaur skeleton must be seen. The Water House part should also be seen.

Victoria and Albert Museum next to the National History Museum is also good to explore. It is one of the most important museums in the world for art and design. A rich museum that includes 3000 year old ceramics, glass artifacts, pictures,photographs and jewels.

We strolled around the oldest theater building of the world and Nothing Hill area. The second biggest street carnival area after the one in Rio. After that we went to Portebello shopping centre. It is famous with antiques and jewellery.

When you say London, it is not right to get past the Tower Eye. It is a 135 meters tall ferris wheel next to the Times river. It takes 20 minutes to complete a tour. It’s like a very enjoyable observation wheel. As you get higher, London feels more like it is just under your feet. You should definitely get on this wheel and see London in birds eye.

And of course, when you say London, you can’t just pass the nostalgic red phone booths.

Eat in a restaurant in Soho square where lots of writers and painters hang out, and enjoy London.

ABSOLUTE MUSTS OF LONDONMuseums town – British Museum – Madam Tussauds Museum – National History Museum – Buchingam Palace – Westmister Palace – Big Ben Clock Tower – Tower Bridge – Times River – Tower of London – London Eye – Mounted Cops – Red Phone Booths – Greenwich Zero point – Nothing Hill area – Hyde Park - Soho Square



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