The Wealth On The Desert, Dubai

We landed on Dubai at about 4 in the early morning. So, we went to Landmark Hotel which had been booked on us before and settled in our rooms. Unfortunately, our hotel here wasn’t quite a central. It was like Eminönü in Istanbul.

We hadn’t made an agreement with a local agency. We had planned to takea trip ourselves. But it was such a coincidence that one of my middle school friends sent me a message and told me that he moved to Dubai. And I said to him that I was in Dubai and he came to our hotel. The world is actually small, right? But there are still so many places to travel…

My friend started to give us information about the city as soon as he took us from the hotel. First, we went to the area where ther were Palm Island, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis.

We went to the Palm Island first. But you must have a landed property here for checking in to the island. We just came around of it, let’s say. It is a palm tree shaped island when you look from the air and it was filled up by ocean sands. That can be called the power of money.

The roads were very wide and motorways were just smooth. The importance of Atlantis is that there is a giant aquarium in there. You can even dive in this aquarium with an early reservation.

By the time we were leaving from Atlantis, the colour of the taxies were attracted to us. All of the taxis were cream but they were different in their roof colours. There was a “Ladies Taxi” written on the ones of whose roofs were pink. They were designed for ladies who don’t want a male driver. Their drivers were women.

When we took a quick look around and we got attracted by luxurous cars. Bentleys and Aston Martins parked by the sides of the streets… As we know of, the fuel was very cheap in here, it is a rich country after all. I never saw any dirty car around here even tough we were right in the middle of a desert. They were all spotless.

The good part was that people didn’t interfere with each other. It is a cosmopolitan country because there are so many foreign labourers here. They also were very welcoming with the tourists. The people in shorts and people in hijabs were together. After we had our dinner here, we came in front of Burj Al Arab to take some photos.

Even stopping by was forbidden around it, we hit the road after a 2-minute shooting. For the ones who are still thinking to go inside: even if it’s became a symbol for Dubai with its different architecture, drinking just a cup of tea or having dinner was extremely expensive. Moreover, there were more amazing skyscrapers having built after than, so it was not that attractive for me. It was enough to see it from the outside and took some photos. Especially the ones who have a limited time. The most important quality of it is that it was the first seven-star hotel in the world.

Then we went to the shore next to Burj Al Arab and took photos of this perfect building at the sundown.

If you want to see Palm Island, and the earth island which has been building now from the air, the 30-minute helicopter tour was about $300 per person.

The other way to see the city from the top was to climb Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world with its length of 848 meters. But it was not cheap at all. If you have an early reservation, the prices might be rather reasonable. But if you had this thought just now, it is $150 per person. Inside of the building wasn’t that gorgeus like the outside. They were showing many videos by the side of speedwalk. These videos were giving information about different regions of the United Arab Emirates.

You move up with two elevators in groups of ten. When we get to the terrace on the 124th floor, we felt like we were on the top. The other tall skyscrapers were like five- floor buildings. So yes, from that point Dubai was under your feet.



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